The Art of Gasification

Shun-Hsiao’s painting had kept the point that throughout the “abstract” and “physics” is just “the flow of one Qi”, which is also the basic figure vocabulary of metaphysics and physics. I think it is a new possibility of “sub-abstract” art. “Sub-abstract” is neither the returning of figurative realism, nor becoming groundless of nothing. It is a sense of “the flow of one Qi” freely and boundlessly crossing between the “physical” and “abstract”, the physics and non-physics reflecting and embodied by the emptiness. As Zhuang-Zi said” Don’t listen by your ears but your heart instead; don’t listen by your heart but Qi instead. Only Qi contains everything, so let your heart contains everything like what air does, purified your heart so that it would be able to contain everything.”                                        

   (Written by Lu Kuang)

發表者:Shun-Hsiao Lin

創作簡歷: 1962年出生於台中市大里區、東海大學美術研究所碩士、台中市當代藝 術家。 重要獲獎: 1.2015年獲選藝術薪火相傳「第6屆臺中市美術家接力展」。 2.2016年榮獲第17屆南投縣玉山美術獎油畫類首獎。 3.2020年獲選法國秋季沙龍展(Salon d'Automne)。 4.2021年獲選法國藝術家沙龍展(Le Salon Société des Artistes Français )。 5.2021年獲選法國秋季沙龍展(Salon d'Automne)。 展歷: 於南投縣文化局、東海大學藝術中心、彰化縣文化局、台中市文英館、屯 區藝文中心、大墩文化中心、台北國父紀念館、台中市葫蘆墩文化中心、 港區藝術中心、高雄市文化中心至真堂一館、彰化藝術館、新北市藝文中 心第一展覽室、嘉義市文化局文化藝廊及台北新藝術博覽會、台灣藝術博 覽會等展場個展15場次;參展台中市當代藝術家聯展、法國秋季沙龍展、 法國藝術家沙龍展等國內外聯展30餘場次。


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